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Host Your Own Challenge Volleyball

Team Camp or Clinic Series!

Transform Your High School Volleyball Program!

Elevate the abilities of your entire high school volleyball team with our Challenge Volleyball Team Camp or Clinics, specifically designed for high school programs to host. Our camps and clinics cater to players from grades 9-12, providing them with a unique opportunity to hone their skills under the guidance of top-tier coaches.

Customizable Clinic Schedule:

Day 1: Building the Foundation

  • Serving Mastery: Fine-tune the power and precision of your serves.

  • Serve Receive Techniques: Develop strategic plays to dominate serve receive.

  • Defensive Tactics: Strengthen your team's defensive maneuvers.

Day 2: Team Synergy and Advanced Skills

  • Setting Excellence: Cultivate the art of setting for strategic plays.

  • Hitting Intensive: Sharpen hitting techniques with our expert drills (special encouragement for setters to join).

  • Team Dynamics: Enhance team coordination and play strategies.

Professional Coaching:

Experience the expert coaching of Lourdes University Head Volleyball Coach Greg Reitz and dynamic Lourdes Players. Our clinics offer a tailored coaching approach to bring out the best in each team, focusing on both individual player development and cohesive team performance.

Flexible Clinic Options:

  • Individual Clinics: Select focused clinics at $40 each to target specific team needs.

  • Complete Series: Opt for the full suite of six clinics at $200, ensuring a comprehensive training experience that prepares your team for any competitive scenario.

Book Your Team Camp or Clinic Series Now!

Don’t let your team miss out on this chance to advance their skills and team play. Secure a clinic series that promises to transform your high school volleyball program and set your players apart from the competition.  Email for more details and to arrange your customized clinic series.

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